Hooters: How Did They Do That?

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I was recently searching the internet (“Googling”) for an attorney in Roseville, California. However, Google directed me to some random sites and one was an article about a new Hooters lawsuit out in Michigan. Well the lawsuit is not that new… just new to me, as it was filed in June 2010. Apparently, a Hooters… Read more »

What’s in the Beef?

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I found a recent article indicating that Taco Bell is being sued for deceiving customers about the products that they put in there beef. I am kind of happy that I found this article, as it combines three things that I find interesting… the law, health and food. So be careful when you want to… Read more »

Want To E-Mail Your Attorney While You Are At Work… Think Again

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On Thursday, January 13, 2011, the California Third Appellate District here in Sacramento issued a decision effecting both employers and employees.  In short, the court determined that an employee’s computer is not very confidential, especially vis-a-vis the employer.  Consequently, this new decision will be a very powerful tool for employers in this age of “thought… Read more »

More American Chopper

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As you know, I am hooked on this show.  Forgive me.  I know that it is trash television.  Well, I caught the last episode and it contained a plenty of legal drama that I could discuss here on the blog.  If nothing else, this trash television gives me plenty of ideas for you to read… Read more »

Anti-Hacking Statute Used Between Husband and Wife Inspires Use By Small Business

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In Michigan, a man named Leon Walker is be prosecuted for checking his (now) ex-wife’s email. Apparently, Mr. Walker either possessed, or guessed, his wife’s e-mail password and read e-mails between his wife and her ex-husband. Now, he is being charged under a Michigan anti-hacking statute. Frankly, it sounds like the prosecution arose out of… Read more »

Corporate Board Meetings

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I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. Now that the new year rolled around it is time to think corporate planning. As such, we are recommending that all of our corporate clients hold their annual meetings. There are many issues that every corporation faces and should be discussed at an annual meeting…. Read more »