FAQ of the Month: What don’t you do?

From aspiring startups to industry leaders, Radoslovich Parker Turner provides legal services for virtually every type of business in California. We are highly skilled in both litigation and transactions, covering a wide variety of industries such as construction, media and entertainment, energy and infrastructure, agriculture, real estate and technology.

We often get asked the question, “What don’t you do?”

While our business approach is to avoid pigeon-holing our practice areas, this does not mean we take on every case. At RPT, we focus on drafting and deciphering transactional documents, and litigating in the industries listed above. However, we do NOT focus on personal injury, family law, child custody, healthcare law, or immigration law, but in most, if not all cases, we can refer you to a reputable colleague who does.

What makes our firm unique is that while we take on a wide variety of cases, we stay true to our expertise by practicing the fields that we are experienced in and passionate about. This allows our firm to hone our skills and solidify our brand, while offering top-notch talent to our clients.

“What don’t you do?” may seem like a simple question, but it is one you should consider asking while seeking legal representation. Picking the right representation is vital to solving your legal problems, so it is key that you make sure the firm you hire is well suited to handle your case, and not just looking to build their client base.

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