RPT's Tips for Succeeding in Business

In our business, it’s important to maintain a focus on client relations. We are proud to say that not only has this focus helped our business steadily grow over the years, it’s resulted in strong client retention as well.  Here are some tips for how you can succeed, no matter your type of business.

  1. Treat everyone with respect. “Don’t burn your bridges!” It’s an old cliché, but it’s popular for a reason.
  2. Build internal relationships. A happy staff will produce a higher quality of work, give you a better effort and lower your turnover.
  3. Plan ahead and be prepared. It’s always better to be early to meetings and appointments rather than late, so plan out your schedule and leave time for unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Take a chance. Success without risk is difficult to achieve, but make sure your risks are calculated to avoid marring your image or reputation.
  5. Show appreciation. Saying “thank you” is simple, but often overlooked, and it goes a long way to building strong, lasting relationships.
  6. Be professional. Encourage proper dress for your type of business and consistent professional interactions among everyone you engage with.
  7. Ask for feedback. Knowing what your current clients or customers think will help you make necessary and timely changes to strengthen your business.
  8. Manage and mentor. Lead your team with positivity, respect and encouragement, they will learn from the examples that you set and become better employees for it.
  9. Engage regularly. Get out among your team regularly, it helps foster camaraderie and encourages employee retention.
  10. Learn when to say “NO”. More isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s okay to just focus on the business you have, and be the best, not the biggest.

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