Supreme Court Gun Ruling Likely to Echo in California

California can expect a barrage of legal challenges to its many strict gun-control regulations as a result of Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that applies the constitutional right to bear arms to local and state governments.
From California’s long-standing and controversial assault weapons ban to local limits on the sale and possession of certain types of handguns, the Supreme Court’s unprecedented extension of the Second Amendment to cities and states will play out in courtrooms from San Diego to San Francisco.
Perhaps the first major test may involve Alameda County, where a legal challenge to an ordinance banning gun sales on county property has been on hold in a federal appeals court while the Supreme Court considered the Second Amendment issue.
For the most part, legal experts predict that the majority of California’s gun laws will survive because of the Supreme Court’s clear message that the right to bear arms does not bar reasonable government regulation. But they likewise predict years of litigation before the courts sort out which laws hold up against that strong constitutional right.

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