The Kings' Move: Is It Imminent... Or Is A Negotiation Ploy

Being that I am going to the Kings’ game tonight (or should I say a “Warriors game” since I am a closet Warriors fan), I thought I would write about all things Sacramento Kings.  As you may know, the Kings have recently indicated that they may be moving to Anaheim, California as the Sacramento region has not constructed a new arena for the Kings.  Kelly Johnson, a writer for the Sacramento Business Journal wrote an excellent article detailing the potential economic impact that would occur if the Kings moved to Anaheim.  You can read Ms. Johnson’s article here.

As I understand it, the Kings do not have an agreement with Anaheim.  As such, my thoughts are that the Kings are not moving… until they have an actual agreement in place.  Thus, the Kings’ overtures to leave for Anaheim can be one of two things.  First, it can be imminent, meaning that the Kings are in the process of negotiating an agreement with the City of Anaheim.  Or it can be a simple negotiation ploy.  Owners of sports franchises often use the threat of moving to obtain leverage over there existing home cities in hopes that the home city will build a new area or stadium.  Most notably, the San Francisco Giants nearly moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, before a new ownership group came in and privately financed a stadium.  Look what happened there… a World Series and a growing economy in San Francisco’s China Basin District.

I am not saying that the Kings are using the purported move here as leverage.  But I am hoping they are… And I am not even a Kings fan.  However, I am a resident of the Sacramento area and I believe that our economy is better with the Kings here as a contributing member of our community.

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