What’s in the Beef?

I found a recent article indicating that Taco Bell is being sued for deceiving customers about the products that they put in there beef. I am kind of happy that I found this article, as it combines three things that I find interesting… the law, health and food.

Lawsuit Taco Bell BeefSo be careful when you want to “run to the border” to satisfy a craving. That beef burrito, chalupa or crunchy taco you desire may not be filled with the all natural beef that you were hoping for. Rather, according to the plaintiff, Taco Bell’s beef is an un-natural concoction of beef, water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent and modified corn starch. I must admit maltodrextrin and the anti-dusting agent sure do not sound as tasty as all-natural pure angus beef. What makes things worse, the lawsuit alleges that Taco Bell’s beef contains less than 35% beef. So, when you bite into that satisfying double decker taco, see if you can taste the wheat oats and soy lecithin.

I could go on and on about eating “real” food, but that is not really the point of this blog. Rather, we must ask why is Taco Bell being sued over this beef concoction. Why can’t Taco Bell sell its “beef”? According, to the lawsuit it is more of a false advertising issue. The plaintiff is simply seeking to stop Taco Bell from advertising the beef as “seasoned beef” when in reality, Taco Bell is selling a seasoned beef concoction that contains very little beef. So, the plaintiff is asking the court to stop Taco Bell from selling its “beef” as beef. Nevertheless, I’m sure Taco Bell could resolve this lawsuit by simply changing its “beef” practices and putting a little more beef into its beef.

I must say that seems pretty reasonable to me. If you want to sell beef, actually sell beef. But, if you want to sell a beef concoction, tell everyone that you are selling a beef concoction. But don’t advertise it as something that it is not… beef.
And if you don’t mind putting a bunch of chemicals in your body, go eat the beef concoction… it’s tasty. But before you make a run for fast food, check out Supersize Me. It may make you rethink your fast food craving.

You can read the AP article here

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